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Rob Ford and his brother, Doug  

Can't get enough of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford?

Now you can watch his antics all the time as he and his brother, a city councillor, are launching a YouTube show called Ford Nation that is set to air Feb. 10, the Associated Press reports.


In a preview for the show posted Thursday, Ford asks that viewers "please judge me on my record, not my personal life."

A news release from the mayor's office promises "unfiltered" talk and asks viewers to submit questions to an email address.


According to AP, this is not the first time that Ford has tried to push a Ford Nation television show. Last November the tabloid Sun News Network cancelled Ford Nation after only one episode, complaining that it took five hours to shoot and more than 10 hours to edit. A Ford Nation radio show was also canceled, AP reports.

The new Ford Nation promotion clip shows Rob asking his brother about his favorite food. "What do you eat? You've got a big belly on you. You must be eating something. What's your favorite food?"


The mayor of Canada's largest city drew national headlines and became fodder for late-night talk show host after he admitted to using crack cocaine while in a drunken stupor. Since the confession, Ford hasn't slowed a bit, as his erratic behavior, including but not limited to a faux Jamaican accent and his recent declaration that Feb. 6 is officially Bob Marley Day in Toronto, for which he reportedly called in sick. Ford has refused to step down from his position despite pressure, and is seeking re-election.

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