'The Uniform Was the Target': Manhunt Continues for Texas Man Who Fatally Shot Cop

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
San Antonio police released video of the suspect being sought in the fatal shooting of Officer Benjamin Marconi.
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San Antonio police are hunting for the gunman who fatally shot a detective Sunday while he was writing a traffic ticket. The man is described as being "extremely dangerous to the police and to the public," ABC News reports.

"We have pulled out all the stops. We have engaged our federal, our state partners and our local partners," San Antonio Police Chief William McManus told reporters.


McManus also noted that the officer, Benjamin Marconi, 50, a 20-year veteran of the force, was shot because he was a cop and the "uniform was the target." He added that he and other officers now feel targeted because of the attack.

The police chief said that the suspect was inside police headquarters at one point Sunday before leaving. Police didn't say why the suspect was in and around the police station before the shooting, but they did post a video of the suspect's activity to the San Antonio Police Department’s Facebook page.


Police believe that the shooting occurred after the suspect drove up behind the officer's cruiser in a black Mitsubishi Galant. The suspect got of his car, walked over to the officer and opened fire. Marconi, who was inside his patrol car writing a traffic ticket, was shot in the head. The suspect fired another shot and then fled the scene in the Galant.

Police are looking for a black male "with a goatee and possibly tattoos on his left arm." A $10,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the suspect's arrest, ABC News reports.


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