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Marcus Vick of the Miami Dolphins poses for his 2006 NFL headshot at photo day in Miami.
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The sad story of ex-NFL quarterback Marcus Vick continues as TMZ Sports reports that the younger brother of Michael Vick was arrested in Virginia on a drug-possession charge.

According to the sports site, police went to Vick's Newport News, Va., apartment Saturday after receiving a call from neighbors about marijuana odor. An intense weed smell hit officers after Vick opened the door for police. Vick allowed officers to search his home and was taken into custody after cops reportedly found a small bag of crack cocaine, Molly and marijuana residue. Vick was arrested and charged with "possession of a schedule I or II drug," TMZ Sports reports.


Vick, who was on probation from an assault case earlier this year, could be looking at time behind bars. When he ran from cops during his July 2016 arrest, Vick showed the same speed he possessed during his brief stint at Virginia Tech:


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