The President Suffers From a Diet Coke Addiction, Owns 2 Guns and More Wackiness From Omarosa’s Book

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The president of the United States suffers from an extremely toxic Diet Coke habit that is leading to his mental decline, Omarosa Manigault Newman writes in her new book, I’m Bout to Burn This Bitch Down: And Other Stories From a Former Reality TV Villain Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House.


And Omarosa should know, considering one of her many tasks inside the White House was making daily trips to Sam’s Club to buy cases of Diet Coke and stocking the president’s executive mini fridge. According to the former reality villain turned best villain in a daytime talk show, Omarosa writes that President Trump has a box on his desk with a Diet Coke button that allows him to be only seconds away from his favorite beverage at all times.

“The world has yet to learn about the extent of Donald Trump’s Diet Coke habit,” Manigault Newman says in the book, the New York Daily News reports. “He always had one in his hand, as far back as I’ve known him. He’s up to eight cans a day, at least. Eight cans a day, for the last 15 years, is 43,800 cans of Diet Coke, poured into his system. In the White House, he just pushes a button in a wooden box on his desk. He can summon anything with that button. Whenever I went in to brief him, he’d push the button and get us Diet Cokes.”

Omarosa claims that she began to notice strange mental lapses by the president and linked his Diet Coke habit to his mental health.

“When I started to have grave concerns for his mental health, I connected the dots to his physical health and poor choices, specifically, his soda habit,” she said.

“I researched it, and found a brand-new study by a team of neurologists from Boston University that linked Diet Coke consumption with dementia and increased risk of stroke. Dementia. Not being able to remember anything, confusion, loss of vocabulary and ability to process information. Stroke,” she writes.

She added that she really began to notice a problem in his physical demeanor over time.


“Those awkward shaking hands, struggling to bring a bottle of water to his mouth ... I printed out the study and put it in his stack. He never read it. Rob Porter did and he gave me a warning. After a senior staff meeting, he said, ‘Stop putting articles in the president’s folder. You to go through me first. Don’t do it again,’” she said.

The Daily News notes several strange items like this included in Omarosa’s tell-all during her time in the White Supremacist House.


Like the fact that Trump has a tanning bed in his private residence that he turns to code orange so that he can bronze his skin to look like an old piece of candy corn.

“He prefers to do it in the morning so he ‘looks good all day,’ ” she writes.

Also, Omarosa wrote that the president owns two handguns, “a 45-caliber Heckler & Koch pistol and a .38-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver,” which he brings out after he’s placed the KFC bucket on his head and runs through the Oval Office toting the guns inside his adult diaper.


Fine, the president doesn’t wear his KFC bucket or carry his guns in his diaper. In fact, I don’t know if the president actually wears a diaper, but he does reportedly brag about owning said guns.

Remember the moment where the president pushed the prime minister of Montenegro out of his way during the 2017 NATO summit in Brussels?


If you don’t, let me remind you below:

Well, it turns out that wasn’t accidental. The president reportedly doesn’t care for the man, whom he called a “whiny bitch.”


“I asked him, ‘You came off a little aggressive. Why did you do that?’,” Omarosa said she asked after shove became the talk of the town. Trump reportedly told his executive line dance leader, “Oh, he’s just a whiny punk bitch.”

Omarosa doubled-down on her claims that the president’s mental health is in decline during an appearance on NBC’s Today where she claimed that he might not know what’s going on around him.


“He’s different than the person I met back in 2003,” she told hosts Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle, the Daily News notes. “He has some serious mental impairment.”

She claimed that the president was likely to switch up plans throughout the day.

“By that afternoon, he will have tweeted something without telling us, completely contradictory of what he said in the morning,” she said. “It would not help advance the policy that people had worked on for months and months and months.”


Omarosa also added that she has more mixtapes that she would drop at her discretion depending on the president’s next play.

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