The One Area Where Trump is Better Than Obama

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It’s official: President Trump is officially a pathological liar and the most lying-ass liar president who has ever placed his Diet Coke on the Oval Office desk with no coaster.


According to The Washington Post’s Fact Check, President Trump has told 5,000 lies or mistruths (which is another way of saying baby lies or “this motherfucker is probably lying but he might’ve misspoken”) since taking office. It only took the president 601 days to pass the 5,000 mark and, while no records were kept for past presidents, I can tell you that this president lies just about every time he opens his mouth.

Here’s how the Post recounted the president’s most ambitious lying day.

On Sept. 7, President Trump woke up in Billings, Mont., flew to Fargo, N.D., visited Sioux Falls, S.D., and eventually returned to Washington. He spoke to reporters on Air Force One, held a pair of fundraisers and was interviewed by three local reporters.

In that single day, he publicly made 125 false or misleading statements — in a period of time that totaled only about 120 minutes. It was a new single-day high.

During one of the president’s recent rallies, this face kept appearing on the big screen while the president spoke.

Illustration for article titled The One Area Where Trump is Better Than Obama

Here’s a portion of the president lie breakdown:

Almost one-third of Trump’s claims — 1,573 — in The Fact Checker’s database relate to economic issues, trade deals or jobs. He frequently takes credit for jobs created before he became president or company decisions with which he had no role. He cites his “incredible success” in terms of job growth, even though annual job growth under his presidency has been slower than the last five years of President Barack Obama’s tenure. Almost 50 times, Trump has claimed that the economy today is the “greatest” in U.S. history, an absurd statement not backed up by data.


Basically, the hack job in office keeps lying and is better than any president who ever got their ass spanked by a porn star using a rolled-up Forbes magazine.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.


Bronx Resident Benjamin White

On a side note, I want to start a campaign where we send spatulas to Robert Muller, because news is coming out that he just flipped Uncle Pauly.