The Man Dance Between Trump and North Korea Continues; President Tweets That US Military Is ‘Locked and Loaded’

Molly Riley-Pool/Getty Images
Molly Riley-Pool/Getty Images

Donald Trump just won’t shut the hell up. Seriously. He won’t stop trying to get America into a nuclear war with the most unstable leader in the world. In fact, Guam—Guam, of all places!—is currently being threatened because the president won’t stop talking, or tweeting.


At this rate, President Vladimir TrumPutin might be the first president to get us into a war by tweeting while on vacation.

Early Friday morning, President Dumbass von Fuck Face continued to escalate tensions with North Korea by tweeting that the U.S. was ready to pounce if the rogue nation continues to “act unwisely,” CNN reports.

“Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely. Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!” he tweeted.

Of course, White House officials tried to downplay Trump’s tweet because what else are they supposed to do? Really, how can they explain and justify President Baby Hands’ loose Twitter fingers?

An official for the White House told CNN that there are military plans for “just about any crisis we may face in the world” and the White House is regularly updated.

“This isn’t anything new,” the official added.

But it kind of is. All of it is. While every president before TrumPutin would admit that North Korea is a problem, they would also tell you that it’s a problem that should be handled with kid gloves. And since Kim Jong Un, the president of North Korea, has ignored every possible doctrine that says he can’t possess nuclear weapons, it might be nice if the emperor of people who love big pickup trucks and mud racing would recognize that there is no coming back from nuclear war.


Meanwhile, the tiny island of Guam is going, “What the fuck do I have to do with any of this?!”

We’ll keep an eye on this pump-faking barroom man dance in case anyone actually steps outside.


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I want them to open the nuclear football out on the golf course and find the contents have been replaced with a playskool cash register.