The Biggest Losers of 2018: Donald Trump and the American People

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We lost yet again, America.

Our president is the biggest idiot that ever lived. We legit have a “serially bankrupt carnival barker” in the highest office in the land, and it appears that for the time being, there is nothing we can do about it.


We can no longer hold the office of the presidency nor the White House in high regard because they have both been diminished by an overblown windbag and his propensity for propaganda. He has repeatedly bullied the media and cowed legacy journalism organizations into being afraid to call his bullshit what it is—LIES.

Even as Robert Mueller’s investigation continues to take down his cronies, his merry band of idiots runs right alongside him, their fingers in their ears and their tongues in permanent “la la la” position as they pretend that nothing is happening and there’s nothing to see here.


But there is. This man “won” a presidency on a lie and manipulation campaign, and that gets exposed even more each time someone tied to that campaign takes a fall.

There aren’t enough words to describe the corruption, outright lies and gold-plated shit attached to this Oompa Loompa of a man.

We will just end by simply saying hopefully Mueller’s investigation will wrap up in 2019 and Trump, Pence and anyone else who aided, abetted or enabled this mess will all go down together.

Let us pray.

News Editor for The Root. I said what I said. Period.

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I don’t recall ever seriously wishing someone would die from an 8-ball stroke until Trump won the election. Now a day rarely goes by that I don’t wish for a short, but VERY painful death on our glorious leader.

Trump has caused a psychic wound in our nation that I fear may not be healed in my lifetime. For that I, an agnostic, hope he rots in Hell for all eternity.