Texas Teacher Outs Herself on Twitter as MAGA-t Who Wants to Help Trump Round Up 'Illegal Students' in Her School

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Georgia Clark is an English teacher in Fort Worth, Texas. Much like the president of the United States, she’s not fond of undocumented immigrants attending Carter-Riverside High School, where she’s been a teacher since 1998. So, Clark decided that she would take to Twitter, much like the president, and make her bigotry known.


There was just one problem: In addition to Clark being a hater of children who merely want an education in her United States, she also doesn’t know how TF Twitter works.

Maybe it was the Twitter gods or regular God, but either way, what Clark thought were private messages to the president became public messages for all to see.

“Mr. President, Fort Worth Independent School District is loaded with illegal students from Mexico,” Clark wrote May 17, on her now-deleted Twitter account, @Rebecca1939, The Washington Post reports. “Anything you can do to remove the illegals from Fort Worth would be greatly appreciated,” she wrote in another tweet.

Clark, not realizing that she was showing her inner “Make America Great Again” hat, asked that her identity not be revealed so that she could be protected when the action was taken.

“Texas will not protect whistle blowers. The Mexicans refuse to honor our flag,” she wrote.

Nice job, Clark. Seriously, nice job.

The teacher told the Post that she thought the tweets were private and she didn’t intend for everyone to see her thoughts. She admitted to the Fort Worth Independent School District that the tweets were hers.


Well, the Post notes that the tweets have landed the hater of undocumented immigrants in a scandal that could get her fired. Clark shouldn’t have to worry though, since the president would probably just give her a job helping America’s most sinister Tupperware saleswoman and leader of schools, Betsy DeVos.

Clark will learn Tuesday if she will be fired for her comments during a district board meeting.


“Let me reiterate our commitment that every child in the District is welcome and is to be treated with dignity and respect,” district superintendent Kent P. Scribner wrote May 29 on Facebook.

Unless they are an undocumented immigrant and have Clark for English, in which case they might be subjected to all kinds of racial animus.


According to the Post, Clark has a history of “violations — including insulting her students’ ethnicity. Even before the tweets came to light, the district was already investigating separate allegations of derogatory remarks from Clark in the classroom.”

From the Post:

Last month, when one student asked to go to the bathroom, Clark told the student to “show me your papers that are saying you are legal,” a student told investigators, which was corroborated by another student. She denied to investigators that she made the comment, which the report claims occurred on May 17 — the same day Clark tweeted at Trump multiple times about what she perceived as illegal immigration in Fort Worth and in the school district.

In 2007, Clark kicked a student, the review said, though an investigation determined it was “without malice.” In 2013, she was disciplined for referring to a group of students as “little Mexico” and called another student “white bread.” Those allegations proved to be true, according to the review.

Clark’s former Twitter account was filled with invective salvos directed to Trump in January and May, according to the report.

“Do you have someone who has looked at the crime statistics across our great nation and documented the number of time [sic] an illegal immigrant has committed an act of robbery or murder on American citizens?” she wrote to Trump.

The president has inaccurately linked violence to unlawful immigrants, whom commit crimes at lower rates than U.S.-born Americans.


“I’m very surprised and concerned that this cruel woman has been berating our precious children for years,” a woman wrote in response to Scribner’s Facebook post. “Where was FWISD???”

Clark not only asked for Trump’s help on Twitter, but she left her cellphone number and her real name


“Georgia Clark is my real name,” she wrote.

According to the Post, Clark’s tweets were being investigated as “inappropriate behavior” in violation of district regulations. She was placed on administrative leave with pay on May 29, two days before the last day of school.


Her attorney Brandon Brim declined the Post request for comment.

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