Tomi Lahren Can’t Fill a Room, The Root Hates Black Men, and Other Things I Learned at Politicon 2018

Genre conventions are all the rage in America. There is Walker Stalker Con for he Walking Dead, IDCon for true-crime Discovery Channel shows, and new comic book conventions pop up every weekend. Fan conventions are like clothing lines for celebritie —everybody thinks they’re a good idea and half of them don’t work…

For Decades, This St. Louis Jail Held Hundreds of Impoverished Black People. Activists Are Working to Shut It Down

“The reason why these men are in chains in the St. Louis Workhouse is because they are poor. Every lawyer in St. Louis knows this to be a fact. Probably many of them are innocent, but certainly every one of them is ‘broke’. There would be no more chance of a man with money having chains put on him in the St. Louis

For Decades, a Predominantly Black and Latinx Indiana Town Suffered from Toxic Contamination. Mike Pence Looked the Other Way

While many are still speculating about whether it was Vice President Mike Pence who wrote an anonymous op-ed in the New York Times about the “resistance” in the White House, it’s worth remembering who Pence really is—a man who has a pattern of neglecting the lives, issues and well-being of people of color.

'We're Just Getting Started': Koch Brothers Plan to Spend Up to $400 Million on Midterm Elections

Imagine being so rich that you could buy anything. Although they don’t own a single Gucci belt, this weekend, the billionaire conservative Koch brothers gathered their likeminded cohorts together in a publicly secret retreat to announce their plans to keep America’s education system on layaway and purchase our entire…