LeBron James Is Producing a Docuseries for Showtime CalledĀ Shut Up and Dribble

Remember that time Fox News host Laura Ingraham got upset that ā€œsomeone who gets paid $100 million a year to bounce a ballā€ would dare have an opinion on the politics going on in the country he was born in, raised in, lives in and pays taxes inā€”so she said LeBron James and any other NBA player with an opinion on Trumpā€¦

The NBA Finals Are Just a Contest to See Who Wins the Chance to Refuse Trumpā€™s White House Invitation

Perhaps if the Boston Celtics had beaten the Cleveland Cavs or if the Houston Rockets hadnā€™t morphed into rancid Twizzlers in the second half Monday night, weā€™d have a more competitive NBA Finals ahead of us. I donā€™t believe the Celtics could have beaten the Golden State Warriors, but they have enough long, bouncy andā€¦

Bodycam Footage Shows Milwaukee Police Using Excessive Force Against the NBAā€™s Sterling Brown for No Reason

On the same day the National Football League decided to obfuscate the real reason its players were kneeling during the national anthem, Milwaukee police released bodycam footage that showed exactly why players have been kneeling during the national anthem. Police continue to abuse their power and use excessive forceā€¦

The Dumbest (and Most Common) Argument for Why Michael Jordan, Not LeBron James, Is the Greatest Basketball Player Ever

ā€œDonā€™t be a prisoner of the moment!ā€ said the person on the internet, who is 36 years old, about the reaction to LeBron Jamesā€™ theatrics against the Toronto Raptors on Saturday. And against the Raptors the game before that. And against the Raptors the game before that. And against the Indiana Pacers the series beforeā€¦

White Reporter Stole From Warriors Security and Nothing Happened Until the Players Found OutĀ 

A white reporter who covers the Golden State Warriors was caught on tape stealing a security stafferā€™s jacket. It isnā€™t debatable; it happened. Several news outlets have seen the tape and confirmed that Mike Shumann, a sports anchor for KGO-TV in San Francisco, picked up the jacket, which didnā€™t belong to him, andā€¦