Michael Bennett, Other Players Troll the MAGA Crowd With Social Justice Gear as They Suit Up for the Season

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett has been one of the more outspoken NFL players, thereby remaining a unicorn in the league. Bennett has protested police brutality in the black community and kneeled during the national anthem; he’s even openly criticized the president and yet, unlike Colin Kaepernick,…

Black Man Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat and Shirt Charged With Hate Crime in Attack on Hispanic Man

A black man, who for some reason unknown to the great ancestors was wearing a Donald Trump-branded “Make America Great Again” hat and shirt, has been charged with a hate crime after allegedly getting into an argument with two men and then pushing one of them, a Hispanic immigrant, onto subway tracks in New York City.

25 Things I Might Do Tomorrow Other Than Listen to Pusha T’s Kanye West-Produced Album, Daytona

That summer of Kanye is supposed to officially start May 25, which is tomorrow, Friday. Pusha T, aka King Push, formerly of the Clipse and currently GOOD Music’s version of Dylan X5, is slated to drop his seven-track album produced entirely by Kanye West, Daytona, Friday (or maybe at midnight Thursday). And I won’t be…

Trump Just Thanked Kanye for Doubling His Poll Numbers; Here’s Why This Has Become Dangerous

To many, Kanye West is merely an egomaniacal rapper. To others, he’s a powerful black force with T’Challa-like abilities to rally those who worship at the altar of Yeezus. I believe the former, but it sounds like President Donald Trump believes the latter, since he just thanked “Make America great again” Ye for…

‘You Had a Bad Idea and You Making It Worse’: 10 Thoughts About Kanye and T.I.’s ‘Ye vs. the People’

Over the weekend, Kanye “‘MAGA’ Hat” West dropped a song called “Ye vs. the People” (starring T.I. as “the People”). I’ve listened to it several times at this point. I believe the old black griots in the community would refer to what’s happening here as “This n-word has lost his damn mind.” Here are some thoughts.