Trump Just Thanked Kanye for Doubling His Poll Numbers; Here’s Why This Has Become Dangerous

To many, Kanye West is merely an egomaniacal rapper. To others, he’s a powerful black force with T’Challa-like abilities to rally those who worship at the altar of Yeezus. I believe the former, but it sounds like President Donald Trump believes the latter, since he just thanked “Make America great again” Ye for…

‘You Had a Bad Idea and You Making It Worse’: 10 Thoughts About Kanye and T.I.’s ‘Ye vs. the People’

Over the weekend, Kanye “‘MAGA’ Hat” West dropped a song called “Ye vs. the People” (starring T.I. as “the People”). I’ve listened to it several times at this point. I believe the old black griots in the community would refer to what’s happening here as “This n-word has lost his damn mind.” Here are some thoughts.