Detroit Music Station ‘Mutes’ Kanye West but Doesn’t Know if It’ll Mute Chris Brown and R. Kelly. SMH

Ever since T.I. rapped “you had a bad idea and you makin’ it worse” on his and Kanye’s “Ye vs. the People,” I’ve found ways to apply that statement to so many facets of life. It was so apt and simple and profound that it really encapsulates everything going on in the world of Kanye West right now.

10 Life-Essential Questions Grown-ish Hilariously Addresses in ‘If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late’

Aaron keeps sending Zoey “u up” texts, and she’s perplexed as to whether it means that he’s in love with her or that she’s just the “‘u up’ bitch.” This sets off an interesting discussion about the romanticness of such a text. See, depending on who you are and where you grew up, the infamous “u up” text—which is…

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Migos, Joe Budden, Chris Brown Fights but Were Afraid to Ask

Controversy erupted at Sunday night’s BET Awards when—in absolutely shocking news—no one was shot, punched or arrested. While this may seem like a result of the maturity of today’s black celebrities, many attribute this year’s lack of backstage donnybrooks to the presence of The Root’s Danielle Belton and Yesha…