Stacey Abrams Discusses the Georgia Senate Runoffs on Pharrell's OTHERtone Podcast: 'I Have No Right to Victory'

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When she’s not preoccupied with protecting our democracy, penning best-selling novels, or getting nominated for a Nobel Peace prize, Stacey Abrams is dropping gems on Pharrell’s podcast, OTHERtone.


On the latest episode, she chops it up with the Grammy award-winning producer and his co-hosts, music curator Scott Vener and former Star Trak recording artist Fam-Lay, to discuss a myriad of different topics.

“I’ve tried my best to be celebratory of those who did the work,” she said of her much-lauded—and feared—role in both the presidential election and Georgia’s Senate runoffs. “I’d rather celebrate and recognize everyone who was a part of getting there. No matter when they got on board. I have no right to victory. No politician running for office has the right to win. But as a citizen of Georgia, I had the right to make certain that the votes were counted, that the people who wanted to participate could.”

She also stressed the importance of remaining both active and vigilant with the political process.

“We are a better people when we make certain, we keep an eye on what’s going on. [...] When we talk to our state legislators, when we talk to our mayors and our city council members, when we talk to our congress people and when we celebrate successes and then we ask for what we need. We have to make certain that protesting in the halls of power become a part of the triumvirate of our success.”

She also gave listeners a glimpse into her humble Mississippi beginnings and relayed an important lesson that her parents imparted upon her at an early age: “Having nothing is not an excuse for doing nothing.”

And regarding the “disease of racial injustice in our country,” she kept it a buck: “We have to remember that doesn’t go away when you stop voting for it. It just finds a new way in the door.”



“If there ever really was an American dream, it’s you,” Pharrell tells Stacey. “It really is.”


I couldn’t agree more.

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I really admire Stacey Abrams not just because she’s an incredibly valuable person in this anti-racist war, but because she is humble. She may be the poster child for voter’s rights, but she readily acknowledges her ‘crew’ as equally responsible for this movement. That’s what a true leader does. She’s gonna be one hellava GA governor!