Georgia Republicans Are So Afraid of Stacey Abrams That They Created a Group Called ‘Stop Stacey’

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There comes a time in every superhero’s life when the bad guys are forced to ban together to try and bring down the powerful one.


Such is life for Stacey Abrams.

Imagine being so afraid of the great and mythical Abrams, that you stole the Georgia governorship from her the first time she ran, and now your friends have banned together to launch a new outside group called “Stop Stacey” to try and keep her from becoming governor.

And she hasn’t even officially announced that she’s running!

From the Washington Post:

Leaders of the new independent committee, known as “Stop Stacey,” describe it as “a national, grassroots organization of engaged conservatives who are committed to protecting our future from Stacey Abrams, her left-wing backers, and their radical, un-American agenda,” according to a statement first reported by Fox News.

After narrowly losing Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial race to Kemp, Abrams founded the voting rights group Fair Fight, which helped register thousands of new voters ahead of the 2020 elections.


I actually don’t blame Georgia Republicans for being chickenshit. I too would want all of the help I could get to beat Stacey Abrams, who has proven herself to be what happens when an immovable object meets unstoppable force. She turned Southern ass Georgia blue. And she knows everything. Abrams knows who’s holding Donna now. She knows the truth about Roni. She knows whether or not you can kick it! Which is always and unequivocally “Yes, you can!”

Make no mistake about it, Abrams and other Black women are the reason that Biden is in office right now. He was the first Democrat to carry Georgia since 1992. Do you know how long ago that was? A child born in 1992 would be 70 now! Look, this isn’t about math, this about how helpless Georgia Republicans are and how afraid they are of a beautiful Black woman with a wide smile who is not for Southern voting fuckshit. She also was instrumental in delivering two Senate seats for Chuck Schumer, which leveled the playing field in Congress enough to oust old Mitch McConnell and his neck fanny pack out of the majority leadership position.


So far, the group has a “Stop Stacey” website, which, if you’d like to visit you can Google that shit because I’m not linking to it. According to the Post, the website notes, “We have to Stop Stacey and Save America before it’s too late!”

LOL! Bitch, it’s wayyyy too late for that. It’s Stacey Abrams’ world, we are just guests.


Now if we could only get Abrams to tell us what a goon is to a goblin, I think we’d all be able to move along.

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Makes Me Wonder Why I Even Bring The Thunder

Not to take anything away from Ms. Abrams (she deserves every laurel and then some) but Georgia is uniformly red at the state level, and their House representation federally, too. They’re scared because they still have things for her to take from them.

Also, their little committee is a bit too familiar. They don’t know her like that, but they gonna learn.