Spike Lee in 2013
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Spike Lee did not take Kickstarter funds to make a vampire film.

"It is not a vampire film!" Lee jokingly corrected an audience member during a Q&A Sunday at New York's SVA Theater, the Daily News reports.

Lee wanted to make clear to those in attendance at the closing-night event at the 18th annual American Black Film Festival the distinction between his new movie, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, and vampire flicks.

"Vampires can't go to the Fort Greene projects in daytime!"

According to the Daily News, the movie is based on the 1973 cult film titled Ganja and Hess and stars Stephen Tyrone Williams as a "wealthy historian of African art and artifacts who ends up stricken with an addiction to blood."


The movie, which was funded entirely by crowdsourcing through Kickstarter and a heavy social media push by Lee, includes an original score by Bruce Hornsby and several unsigned artists.

According to Variety, Lee put out a call for unsigned artists to submit their work, and some 800 submissions later, he narrowed the selection down to 12 songs that all made the soundtrack.


In addition to naming Kickstarter supporters (which was part of the donation incentive), credits include shout-outs to Mike Tyson, Jada Pinkett Smith and Tyler Perry, the Daily News notes.

"I am not banishing myself from studio movies," Lee said after the film was shown, the Daily News reports, "but there are some films no studio will ever make."


As of now, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus has no official release date.

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