Lawrence Taylor Jr.
My Fox Atlanta Screenshot

On Monday, Lawrence Taylor Jr., the son of former NFL player Lawrence Taylor, pleaded guilty to child molestation and statutory rape. He will serve 10 years in prison, CBS Atlanta reports.

"Taylor acknowledged the state had enough evidence to convict him of the statutory rape of his girlfriend's teenage daughter, which occurred four or five times between 2012 and 2013," Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds told the news station.

According to CBS, the child-molestation charge Taylor pleaded guilty to was regarding another juvenile, a 13-year-old girl, in 2013 when Taylor was 31. 


Assistant Cobb County District Attorney Hannah Palmquist told the news station that "resolving this case with a guilty plea provides the victims with finality and prevents them from having to relive their experiences on the witness stand.

She added: "Justice was done in this case, not only because the defendant will serve 10 years in prison, but because the victims will not have to be put through the emotional toll of a trial."


However, the father of the girl in the child-molestation case said he didn't believe the sentence was fair. "I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest." he told the news station. "I feel like it's a slap on the wrist. He knowingly and willfully did what he did."

After serving 10 years in prison, Taylor will be on probation for 20 years, the news station reports.


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