Someone Stole Former NBA Player Charlie Villanueva’s Toilet and He’s Pissed

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Someone has made off with former NBA player Charlie Villanueva’s toilet, and Villanueva swears that this isn’t a joke.

The former power forward, who last played for the Dallas Mavericks, took to Twitter to chart the whole shitty experience.


Oh, Charlie, the shit gets crazier.

I literally can’t make this shit up. I also never thought about this, but I think that this is a good place to mention it. Villanueva is 6 feet 11, and as such, I would imagine that he has specially designed toilets that allow him to sit his tall ass down ... you know what? Forget it.

Let me just add that I have taken out a toilet or two in my day, and while I’ve never stolen a toilet, I do know that this requires some forethought and a trash bag, not to mention tools and, I almost forgot: WHO THE FUCK STEALS A TOILET?


I never, bro. Never.

But really, bro, who steals a toilet?!

And that wasn’t it. Villanueva added that he lost more from his castle than just his throne:


While the Dallas Police Department seemed to be sleeping on the job, Twitter was there to try to help Villanueva solve the case.


Hours later, Villanueva was still pissed.


If you have any information as to where Villanueva’s toilet may be, please reach out to him on Twitter.

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