Slavery and 4 Other Things We Expect to Happen if Trump Wins a Second Term

Slavery and 4 Other Things We Expect to Happen if Trump Wins a Second Term

There are some who believe that should Trump somehow pull out a victory on Election Day, America is headed for armageddon. They believe that the president will ride to a podium on the White House lawn on the backs of two unfriendly, fire-breathing dragons, wearing the black hood of a guillotine executioner in which he’d announce that he was immediately making slavery legal, abortion illegal and racism standard practice.

Basically, America would become Lovecraft Country without the Afrofuturism and more monsters.

And those people would be right.

If the dismal, dreary, and dreadful first term of the worst presidency to ever squat in the White House was a sign of what is to come, then those who are imaging the worst possible scenarios are right and wrong. Because whatever you can imagine, it will surely be worse. Much worse. Way worse. Worse AF.

Below is a look at what may take place should both Russia and Iran keep fucking with America’s presidential election.

Wait, before we get started looking at what a Trump victory might mean for America, I think it’s important to look at what happens if he loses—because he’s made no commitment that he will leave gracefully. In fact, instead of actually running for a second term he’s spent a good portion of his time discrediting the outcome of the election by pushing false claims of massive mail-in voter fraud. He hired a new postmaster general to fuck up the postal service, and he and the Trumptesticles have been claiming that gallons, tons, and cubic feet of ballots—all voting for Trump—have been found in trashcans. It’s all bullshit, but the setup is to claim that the entire voting system is stacked against Trump. If Trump loses a close race he’s going to protest, and if he loses by a landslide he’s going to protest. The way Trump sees it, the only way that the system is working properly and the only way he won’t protest is if he wins.

But, for the sake of argument, let’s say that millions of votes cast against him somehow end up in the back of a discarded mail truck at the bottom of the ocean and Trump takes office. We can fully expect an even more turbulent and destructive presidency from a reckless dicktator who has nothing left to lose. Especially if Democrats don’t win control of Congress. But, since we are spitballing here and literally imagining the end of America as we know it, let’s imagine that Trump is in office for a second term and he’s playing to a Republican-controlled House and Senate.

What does this mean for America?

Pardon Me

First, there will be no accountability for the countless crimes that Trump’s been accused of. We know that the president has committed at least one if not all of the proposed misdeeds against him. As it stands, there has been evidence of tax fraud, insurance fraud, bank fraud, charity fraud, money-laundering, and business deals with foreign criminals. And we can’t do a damn thing about it. Not only can a sitting president not be indicted (which is the primary reason Trump wants to stay in the White House) but with his latest addition to the Supreme Court, Trump potentially has crafted the playbook that keeps his financials hidden from the country.

He could go on a goddamn pardoning spree and no one could stop him.

“Trump can incentivize and reward silence by witnesses against him. He commuted the sentence of Roger Stone, his go-between to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign. He could pardon Paul Manafort, Steve Bannon, Ghislaine Maxwell and other Trump associates accused or convicted of crimes that might implicate Trump. He could pardon his children. He could test the limits of law and try to pardon himself.”

The Wall

Look, I don’t give a fuck what the president says, that dumbass wall that no one wanted and that Mexico was never going to pay for, is never going to be built. Trump and his cronies will continue to take photos next to the two centimeters of wall they’ve built along the Southern border and continue lying about how many Mexican rapists (his words, not mine) the wall will be able to keep out.

But here’s the thing: There was never supposed to be a wall. In fact, it was only supposed to be a memorization technique to help this dumbass president remember talking points about immigration. But as with most things with this president he got all hopped up on racism and ran out here declaring that a wall was going to be built. It’s never going to happen. No matter how many times the president tries to move funding from one place to his dumbass wall, no one, not even Republicans want to spend the crazy amounts of money it would cost to complete this ineffective and completely stupid racist vanity project.

The wall that will be built though is the one that continues to divide the country between those of us with a healthy set of uppers and toothless Trump supporters.


I know it sounds insane but does it really? I mean, if Trump has a second term, a Republican Congress and a stacked Supreme Court, is there anything or anyone that’s stopping it? He’s already proven himself to be a white nationalist who truly believes the white race is superior.

He’s already shown that he doesn’t give a shit about people as the coronavirus death ensemble continues to march closer to 250,000 deaths. He has no problem kidnapping and enslaving children as some 545 migrant children still can’t find their parents, and he’s gone out of his way to take care of the mega-rich, offering them countless tax breaks and numerous benefits even during a pandemic; so you don’t that Trump is willing to profit off of free labor?

When you add all of this up, what you have is a racist administration that is pro-capitalism with a mediocre attitude towards death and a wanton attitude that allows for kids to be ripped from the arms of their families and put into cages. It takes a certain lack of humanity and heartlessness to own slaves, probably about the same amount it would take to have peaceful protesters gassed and beaten just to stage a photo.

Is slavery really that far off?

I don’t think so.

Trumpublican Party

If you thought the first four years of a Trump administration were insufferable, can you imagine the smug, shit-eating Republicans should he win again? What that tells them and the rest of us is that America approves of Trump’s brash, in-your-face racism. In truth, I’ve always liked racists to be both brash and in your face, as that way I know exactly who not to fuck with. But this new level of racist bullhorning will not only embolden the Republican party even more but will alert the others who believe as they do that their racism is not only OK but allowed and expected. Can you imagine a second-term South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham or Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, who has a son named Nestor that isn’t really his son? The quiet racist Republican party as we once knew it will be a thing of the past. Trumpublicans will reign supreme.


America is going to fucking burn if somehow Russia or Iran or whoever is fucking with the election this year and put Orangetheory and his evildoers back in charge. Trump’s presidency has been marred by protests, it’s been challenged at every turn, it’s been ignored and laughed at. The president has already been impeached (which is the equivalent of in-school suspension, in which you are still allowed to come to school but you can’t sit with your class.) From the time the president took office and his then-press secretary Sean Spicer lied about the number of people who attended his inauguration, it should have been clear that this was a lame-duck presidency, no matter how many years he had left. Instead, races in some states are going to be close, really close when they should be blowouts. And if by some chance, Trump steals this second election, his brash governing style (which is really no more than the dicktator special from a fake Waffle House) will become unbearable.

America tried to be peaceful the first for years but as the old negro spiritual goes:

God gave Noah the rainbow sign

No more water, the fire next time



Win or lose he is going on a pardoning spree. If he loses he has 70+ days till he is booted out of the WH. Can you even imagine what this petty shit bag can do with 70 days. Quite frankly a mad defeated paranoid Trump scares me almost as much as happy victorious paranoid Trump.