Sexual Assault Survivors Confront Sen. Jeff Flake: 'Look at Me and Tell Me That It Doesn’t Matter What Happened to Me'

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Sen. Jeff Flake, the spineless Arizona Republican who has mastered the “Look, I’m really conflicted about this decision” face yet votes almost 90 percent of the time with President Trump, was confronted Friday morning by two women claiming to be sexual assault survivors. The confrontation happened shortly after Flake announced he will support Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.


Kavanaugh has been accused by at least three women of sexual misconduct. Still Flake, who acted as if he was conflicted, believes Kavanaugh should join the highest court in the land.

Seriously, look at his face below. He’s mastered the forlorn warrior face. He wants everyone to know that though he votes in-line with his party damn near every time, this vote really pains him.


CNN reports that the pump-faking senator, who has publicly bashed the president and members of his own party though almost always votes with them, was stopped by two women while trying to leave a Senate elevator.

Flake had trouble looking the women in the eye and frequently looked at the ground because it’s hard to stand up straight when you don’t have a spine.

“Don’t look away from me. Look at me and tell me that it doesn’t matter what happened to me. That you will let people like that go into the highest court of the land,” one of the women said, CNN reports.


Flake didn’t address the women or respond to their claims, instead he said “thank you” which is arguably even weirder. But we are talking about Jeff Flake.


The Flakiest then told reporters: “I need to go to the hearing. I just issued a statement. I’ll be saying more as well. No, there have been a lot of questions here, and I don’t want to ask you.”

Jeff Flake ain’t shit. This is what he does. The joke was on the people who actually believed that a man whose last name is “Flake” would actually stand up for something. The signs were there the whole time.


Jeff Flake flakes; it’s in his blood.

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I fucking hate that sullen, “I know this hurts, it’s just we can’t do anything about this. We must go forward” type of facial expression this piece of shit and all others like him have. It’s supposed to be this stoic resilience in the face of adversity, and a humble acceptance of its inevitability, yet... THEY’RE THE ONES CREATING IT. It makes anyone who disagrees that it’s inevitable look like hysterical children, and something tells me that’s the intention.

It reminds me of this douchebag I used to call a friend, who openly voted for Trump and then wrote this long, meandering emotional post on Facebook about how, “What’s done is done, we shouldn’t lose friends about this, we need to move forward.” I likened it to smashing up someone’s home, and then saying, “I know I smashed your home up, but what’s done is done. We need to move forward, and work together.” UH... DICK THAT WAS YOU!! YOU DID THIS!!

Seriously. We need to stop waiting for the systems in place to help us. They won’t, ever.