First off, what?

Secondly, What the fuck?

Can you hear that noise? It’s just a meth mouth senator playing “thank god I’m a country boy” on his dog whistle.


He’s using racist coded language here, so pay close attention. Cops are the good guys even when they are doing something like killing unarmed Black men, women, and children. And those who want to defund the police–you know the people who are killing us–therefore have a kinship with crackheads and therefore have a phone number for crackheads because all the crackheads hang out and share a phone.

This also implies that crackheads don’t have better things to do then clean up America’s mess. Also having grown up in Washington, D.C., during the crack infested ’80s, I would trust a crackhead not to kill me before I would trust a police officer. Crackheads only want to do crack and ask for loose change. Police play with guns and say shit like “You’re getting ready to ride the white lighting” to military men in full uniform.


Lastly, and this can’t be overlooked, Kennedy’s comments were made in front of a Black Republican PornHub host who didn’t bat an eye. I don’t expect the Black guy to stand up for all crackheads, nor do I assume that all crackheads are Black, but the comment was disingenuous at its core and it would have been nice to have some kind of pushback from the Black man in the news chair. But then I remembered that all of this happened on Republican XHamster where viewers love Black male cuck porn.