Senator Lindsey Graham Can’t Stop Being Messy, and This Time, He Might’ve Gotten in Over His Head

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If reports are true, Trump’s favorite stepping stool may be in big trouble.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger claimed that South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham hinted that he throw away ballots in Georgia, where officials are currently recounting presidential election ballots by hand in the state that went for President-elect Joe Biden, a first for a Democrat in almost 30 years (thank you, Stacey Abrams and other Black women involved in getting folks registered and to the polls.)


“He asked if the ballots could be matched back to the voters,” Raffensperger told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room Monday. “And then he, I got the sense it implied that then you could throw those out for any if you look at the counties with the highest frequent error of signatures. So that’s the impression that I got.”

He later added, “It was just an implication of, ‘Look hard and see how many ballots you could throw out.’”

Raffensperger’s comments to Blitzer echoed what he told the Washington Post on Monday, that Graham was out here trying to create doubt around “Georgia’s signature-matching law in a conversation on Friday, and had also floated the possibility that biased poll workers could have counted ballots with inconsistent signatures,” CNN reports.

Graham also reportedly asked Raffensperger about discarding mail-in ballots that came from counties that had shown higher rates of unmatched signatures, the Republican secretary of state told the Post.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud. None. Not one bit of evidence. Also, Graham is a South Carolina congressman, so why the fuck is he talking with Georgia’s secretary of state about its election process?

You know Graham has an explanation for it all, and he wants to make clear that while he loves his master Donald Trump, the president didn’t ask him to call, because he doesn’t have to. Graham would drink bleach for Trump if it meant that they could spend a few more seconds alone.


“What I’m trying to find out was how do you verify signatures on mail-in ballots in these states that are the center of attention?” Graham told CNN. “So like when you mail in a ballot, you got to have some way to verify that the signature on the envelope actually matches the person who requested the ballot. It seems to me that Georgia has some protections that maybe other states don’t have, where you go into the portal to get your ballot. But I thought it was a good conversation. I’m surprised to hear him verify it that way.”

Graham added: “So they expanded mail-in voting, and how you verify the signatures to me is the big issue. If you’re going to have mail-in voting, you’ve got to verify that the person who signed the envelope is also the person who requested the ballot.”


Raffensperger explained to Blitzer (whose real name is Wolf, and we are just going to ignore that? This guy’s real first name is Wolf and nobody, not one of y’all in the comments, has ever made fun of it. We just accept a Wolf? Wolf?) that the election system in Georgia has signature matches “when voters request mail ballots and when completed ballots are returned to election systems. He also said the online absentee portal has a photo ID.”

“We feel confident the election officials did their job,” he said.

Biden won Georgia (we see you Black women!) by some 14,000 votes over the orange man, but to appease America (the racists), Georgia is doing a recount. CNN notes that six small counties have already finished their recounts and reported no discrepancies. But here comes some small-ass county called “Floyd” with the fuckshit, as they’ve reportedly found some 2,600 uncounted ballots that hadn’t been scanned. An investigation is underway to determine WTF happened.


Meanwhile, experts are like, “Trump can try everything he wants but he ain’t making up a 14,000 vote deficit.”

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Lady G is such a messy bitch. Asking Raffensperger to interfere with the vote in order to help Trump isn’t a surprise though. A dainty southern belle like Lady G has always relied on the kindness of strangers.

Someone needs to turn a critical eye toward that SC election too.