Shonda Rhimes 
Michael Buckner/Getty Images

As if owning prime time television weren't enough, Shonda Rhimes is looking to take over the literary genre. That's right, the genius behind Grey's Anatomy and Scandal has signed on with publishing powerhouse Simon & Schuster to write a memoir in 2015, Variety reports.

‚ÄúSimon and Schuster is crazy for giving me a book deal as I am clearly in no position to be handing out wisdom,‚ÄĚ Rhimes told Variety.¬†

The book will be a blend of inspiration and advice with tales from her personal life. It will chronicle her decision to start a family first before focusing on her Hollywood career. It will also detail how she handles the challenges that arise from being a parent alongside her professional success.

"I have made a lot of mistakes as a single mother and as a working mother and as a sleepless mother and as a dating mother, and I did all of it while running a bunch of TV shows," she told Variety. "So I’m going to write about that and hope my kids don’t use it against me in therapy later."

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