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A West Bloomfield, Mich., mother is upset that her daughter ordered a pizza from a local Domino's Pizza, only to receive the pie along with a receipt with the words "[f—k] this [c—t]" printed on it.  

Kenyatta Robinson says she believes that this all stems from an argument she had with the restaurant's manager, which is now known among her family as the "sausage scandal of 2014."


"We used to get the same pizzas every Friday night," Robinson told WXYZ. "On two occasions I received a pizza with no sausage, so I called. They told me I was complaining too much and they couldn't serve me anymore."

Robinson took her complaint to corporate, which reportedly fired the manager.

"The manager was upset about it," Ronnie Asmar, director of operations at Domino's, told the news station. "He was eventually terminated, but his parting gift to us was putting that vulgar comment in her phone number's notes."

The news station reports that the vulgar language doesn't appear on the screen when the order is placed; it only shows up on the receipt. 


Asmar told WXYZ that the former manager's actions don't represent the company's values and added that the current employees feel horrible that they didn't catch the note on the receipt before it got delivered.  

Asmar added that he called to apologize to Robinson and offered her a gift card, but she said that she was not interested.


"I apologize for what happened. I wish she would try us again. Obviously, there is no excuse for what happened. We are sorry about it," Asmar told WXYZ.

"I will never eat here again," Robinson told the news station. "Ever. In my lifetime."

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