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Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s entire Alaskan house—you know the one where she can see Russia from her front yard—is made of glass. So as the old proverb goes: Never throw stones when you’re dumb as a goddamn rock.

But when has that ever stopped Sarah Palin?

On Tuesday, Palin was attempting to post a story to Twitter that called rising Democratic star and overall goddess of politics Stacey Abrams a “literal loser.” And because Twitter is a computer-based application that requires some motor skills, Palin posted the headline in the message implying that she too was calling Abrams a “literal loser.”


Well, obviously being Sarah Palin and calling someone a loser didn’t sit well with Twitter who quickly reminded her that her only winning attribute in life is losing.

In a now deleted tweet (the Internet keeps everything) Palin tweeted:

And the internet quickly reminded Sarah Palin that she’s in fact Sarah Palin.


Yeah, Twitter wanted no parts of Palin’s fuckshit.

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