San Francisco 49ers Debut Black Lives Matter Flag at Levi Stadium

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All it took was for police to murder yet another unarmed black man and all of a sudden we’re in the midst of a full-fledged White Renaissance, in which white people inexplicably are crippled with guilt, suddenly empathize with our plight and rock Black Lives Matter t-shirts like they bought them at a Pink Floyd concert.


This awakening has also trickled into the NFL. After being pushed to do so, Commissioner Roger Goodell recorded a video asserting that Black lives matter and admitted that the league bungled that whole national anthem protest debacle.

We’ve also heard coaches express interest in finally signing Colin Kaepernick, but one contingent of the NFL that we have yet to hear from is ownership. Resident plantation owner Jerry Jones has been too preoccupied with sharecropping to concern himself with such matters, but Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti made it perfectly clear where he stands in a video he recorded with his players and staff.

“Ask the uncomfortable questions and you will come to the conclusion, I hope, that I have,” Bisciotti says at the end. “That you don’t feel it enough and you don’t live it enough if you’re not willing to say it: Black Lives Matter.”

Another person looking to reaffirm his own stance is 49ers owner Jed York, whose team has decided to fly a beautiful Black Lives Matter flag over Levi’s Stadium.


“Indivisible with liberty and justice for all. #BlackLivesMatter” the team posted on Instagram.


In addition to having Kaepernick’s back when he began his national anthem protests as a member of the 49ers, York has also donated $1 million to organizations committed to social causes and was one of the first owners to address the need for change after the death of George Floyd.

“People throughout our country are hurting. Emotions are raw, and rightfully so,” York said at the time. “Heinous acts have been committed in recent weeks. Before we are able to realize impactful change, we must first have the courage and compassion as human beings to come together and acknowledge the problem: black men, women, children and other oppressed minorities continue to be systemically discriminated against.”


Now how do we get this flag to the White House?

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The irony being that football doesn’t matter anymore. One thing the league’s initial response to BLM protests did was give a green light to the worst of their fans to ratchet up their racism. Just look at the comments on any Bleacher Report or ESPN story even hinting at activism in the league. I was a fan for nearly 40 years but I don't want to be associated with that nonsense. The NFL is beyond fixing at this point.