Sage Steele Is Still Out to Prove That a Biracial Woman Can Cry White Tears

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ESPN host Sage Steele will never be coming to the cookout. Ever.

On Sunday, as thousands around the country protested President Evil’s “Muslim ban”—the one his administration is refusing to call a Muslim ban even though that’s exactly what it is—Steele tweeted not about the protest, or solidarity with those who find the dictator-in-chief’s actions to be inherently and fundamentally against this nation’s founding; she posted an Instagram message about missing her flight, because of course she would.


Man, poor Steele. Sorry that families being torn apart under the most racist and vile president of our time is imposing on her trip. Sorry that life-changing decisions from “President Grab-’em-by-the-Pussy” has slowed up her flight. God forbid Steele take her head out of her ass and see how the decisions this president is making are destroying the fabric of our country. But Steele has been here before; it’s most likely the reason for the line in her Instagram post that reads, “I love witnessing people exercise their right to protest!”

That isn’t how Steele felt in November after she caught all hell for chastising Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans’ protest of Donald Trump’s win. Evans took a knee during the national anthem, and Steele took to Instagram to voice her displeasure of his unchained blackness.


Twitter dragged Steele over this, and of course she took to Facebook to chastise black people once again.


At this point, I’m over Sage Steele and all her self-absorption. I’m over her platform and her “All Lives Matter” bullshit. I’m also over this “protest is fine as long as it isn’t an inconvenience” bullshit. Protest by definition is supposed to be disruptive. So it’s disheartening and flippant to say, “I’m all for protest except when it looks like protest.” But this is the new America we live in, and I just wish that Steele could move over to Fox News, where her ideology would be better appreciated.

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