East New York 1x10 Sneak Peek Clip 1 “10-13"

As the series prepares to return from its winter hiatus, it will pick up with the cliffhanger from Episode 9, “When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth,” which featured Bentley being shot. When we resume the story on Sunday, Jan. 8 in Episode 10, “10-13,” the whole precinct is shaken by the young officer’s situation, but Sandeford definitely takes things personally because he’s responsible for his partner. For Santiago-Hudson, his character’s emotional reaction to the shooting provides the actor with some of the best work he’s ever done.

“Through the generosity of our producers I’ve been challenged to go as far as I possibly can go as a person in the depth of my feelings and revealing the love that I have for him,” he said. “They’re willing to let a person of color be whole. To have frailties as well as power, to have humor as well as pathos. I am being challenged tremendously in the next episode. It is the highlight episode of my career on television. I’ve never had the chance to share that much of myself on television because Hollywood has been content to just utilize a fragment of who I am. In this episode, I have to use all of who I am.”

That is an incredibly bold statement from someone with the career longevity of Ruben Santiago-Hudson. First of all, it’s shocking that the other writers and producers he’s worked with were not utilizing the full spectacular capabilities of this artist. Second, it feels like this episode is going to be a favorite for fans of the father/son relationship between Sandeford and Bentley.


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