RIP to Bernie Sanders’ Chances of Becoming President as Biden Sweeps Tuesday Primaries

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There are people who lose and then there losers. Losers aren’t people who have lost, they are people who perpetually set themselves up for loss. They are people who walk into a situation knowing that there is no way in the world they are going to win and still do it anyway because at this point, even their half-hearted attempt is just a self-fulfilling prophecy. Losers are people who have developed a losing spirit and, in turn, project that into everything they touch. They lose because they are perpetually lost, and while they may project confidence, their insides have been infected with loser serum. They speak loser speak. They smell like a loser. It’s infected their bloodstream.


President Trump is a loser.

Bernie Sanders just lost.

The independent Vermont senator lost all three primary states—Florida, Illinois and Arizona—Tuesday and Biden now has an enormous delegate lead—1,147 to 861. It’s time for Sanders to pack it in so that Biden can start doing the hard work of converting Bernie Bros and diehard Sanders supporters into a coalition that is willing to vote for him and in turn take down President Trump. But that can’t happen while Sanders is still in the race.

On Tuesday, after a serious ass kicking akin to this little girl’s drubbing of a boy who called her mother the “n-word,” there is now, no possible path to victory for Sanders.

Staying in the race, at this point, only hurts Biden’s attempts at trying to unify a party that’s been through enough.

From the New York Post:

“His campaign is undeniably dead and voters will undeniably die if he doesn’t do the human thing and drop out now,” one top Bloomberg adviser told The Post.

Former rival Andrew Yang also called on Sanders to suspend his campaign for the sake of public health.

“At this point it’s not wise to encourage people to head to the polls,” Yang said on CNN on Wednesday morning.

“This race is essentially frozen where it is. Everyone can see where it’s heading and I certainly don’t think Bernie and his supporters want to endanger anyone but that’s the situation we’re in,” he said.


It’s time for Sanders to know when he’s been beat. And whether or not he wanted to admit that to himself and his campaign staff before Tuesday’s primaries, he clearly knows it now. Staying in this race is some loser shit, and hopefully Sanders can take his L and move on as there will be more fights left to come. But this ain’t it, chief.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.



This sucks.

I live in New York and once again, one of the most populous and wealthy states has their decision made for them by a lot of states that are going to vote for Trump anyway and that gladly gobble up our federal tax contributions to keep up their basket case economies.

It looks like Donny Deutsch, Mike Bloomberg and the republican nevertrumpers are going to get their way. I am going to take my castor oil and vote for right wing Joe. We have to, the survival of the human race is at stake. Everyone else should do the same.

This is a setback for progress, the fight for a better nation and a better world continues in the Democratic Party alone. The republican party needs to be destroyed.