Rihanna Says You’d Be a Fool to Ignore Climate Change

Our world is changing. Weather consistency is a thing of the past and we are clearly dealing with the repercussions of climate change. Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, and it’s not looking too good for mother earth.

Your country’s current “leadership” scoffs at the idea that climate change is crippling our planet and refuses to make it a priority. Climate change deniers and their actions are best described as disgusting when it comes to the betterment of our population. Canada’s Baffin Island was once a place that was whiter than the current White House administration, but now it is a shell of its former self, littered with emaciated polar bears. I don’t know how familiar you are with bears, but they should not look as if they’re on Beyoncé’s 22-day vegan challenge.


“I think climate change is a real issue,” says Rihanna at her fifth annual Diamond Ball last night. Rihanna, unlike Tangerine Mussolini, sees the changes that are affecting our world and notes that these aren’t sporadic incidents. During an interview with The Root, Rihanna notes that one would be a “fool” to ignore these effects. She continued by pointing out the difficulties we face because of our current leadership. The mogul feels that not dealing with climate is crippling us a whole, but feels that there is hope if we all do our part in going green. Rihanna calls for us to be proactive in our efforts to bring change to this world, and with our powers combined, she feels we can save our planet.

The result of climate change is producing more detrimental weather conditions, and Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation (CLF) is harnessing the power of philanthropy to help communities deal with tragic weather conditions. Per the foundation’s press release, CLF announced a $25 million climate resilience and emergency response initiative to align with the beginning of the hurricane season. This is a proactive effort because CLF believes the ball has been dropped in how responses to natural disasters are handled.


Climate change has increased natural disasters and that puts many of us at risk. The ones who feel the brunt of this are usually those who reside in underserved communities. Rihanna’s foundation plans to shift emergency response on its head with acts such as proactivity, coordination, and sustainability. Rihanna is an artist that you cannot put in a box and that fact makes the world a better place to live in.

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Denver is too damn high

Then she jumped on a private jet to her photo shoot in Granada

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