Rick Perry Wanted to Abolish the Energy Department; Now He Runs It

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Remember when former Texas Gov. Rick Perry wanted to abolish the Department of Energy? Don’t worry—apparently no one else does, either, and on Thursday Perry was confirmed to become the secretary of the department, because of course he was.

The Senate voted 62-37 Thursday to confirm Perry as energy secretary, the Washington Post reports. On planet Trumpton, the fact that Perry barely acknowledges climate change, has strong ties to Texas’ oil and gas industries, and has no idea how to work the department’s budget or maintain the nation’s nuclear stockpile doesn’t matter. Perry is a good ole boy, and he apparently expressed regret for at one time wanting to abolish the Energy Department.


“As governor of Texas, Rick Perry saw firsthand the positive economic impact as the Lone Star State diversified its energy production mix, resulting in more than 143,000 advanced energy jobs, success integrating more wind onto the grid than anywhere else, improving energy efficiency, and now experiencing a solar boom,” Malcolm Woolf, senior vice president for policy and government affairs at Advanced Energy Economy, “a national association of business leaders who are making the global energy system more secure, clean, and affordable,” told the Post. “We look forward to working with DOE Secretary Perry, to continue this significant business opportunity to expand advanced energy that now supports more than 3 million workers across the nation.”

Yeah, good luck with that.

Read more at the Washington Post.

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