Richie Incognito’s $300,000 Ferrari Vandalized

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Richie Incognito
NFL via Getty Images

Richie Incognito, the ex-Miami Dolphins lineman at the center of the Jonathan Martin bullying scandal, had his $300,000 Ferrari vandalized with a baseball bat, New York Daily News reports.

The bully’s ride, which was reportedly purchased in November, has severe damage to its grill and hood, according to pictures acquired by TMZ Sports.


Incognito’s black Ferrari FF was sitting outside his Scottsdale, Ariz., home when authorities believe that a bat-wielding vandal attacked.

The Daily News reports that the windows were not damaged, but the handle of a baseball bat is broken off and jutting out from the grill and the rest of the wooden bat lies strewn in pieces in the yard.

TMZ reports that two red shirts near the car have Incognito’s name written on them.

Gouges and dents are visible on the hood.

The 30-year-old unemployed NFL lineman was suspended for the final eight games of last season after teammate Jonathan Martin, 24, alleged that Incognito taunted him with racial slurs and physically threatened him on several occasions.


An incident in the Dolphins lunchroom proved to be the final straw for Martin, who left the team Oct. 28 and complained of the team’s locker room culture, directly blaming Incognito for most of the abuse, the Daily News reports.

An independent investigator concluded that Martin was persistently taunted and ridiculed last season by Incognito and other teammates.


TMZ reports that a neighbor first reported the damage to the car.

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