Republican State Senator and Hater of Pandemic Emergency Measures Tests Positive for COVID-19

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On Sunday, Michigan Republican State Senator Tom Barrett learned that life comes at you fast.


See, Barrett is a bit of a COVID-19 denier. He even sponsored a bill to limit Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency powers, which included making masks mandatory. And then Sunday evening, Barrett learned that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

In a statement, Barrett said, “The Michigan Army National Guard implemented a COVID-19 screening policy for all soldiers one week prior to their departure for training events. Despite taking reasonable precautions, I was notified this afternoon that I tested positive during a routine screening on Friday, July 31,” WILX reports.

“Thankfully I do not have any significant symptoms at this time, and I will be self-isolating according to medical guidelines. I have done my best to make contact with those I have been around in the past couple weeks so that they may also seek medical advice.

“I look forward to resuming my normal work schedule as quickly as possible.”

WILX notes that Barrett serves the 24th District, which includes counties and parts of northeastern Ingham County.

The Detroit Free Press also notes that Barrett has been a major asshole during Whitmer’s attempts to keep her constituency safe. Barrett even sponsored “a bill to repeal the 1945 law Whitmer has used to maintain a state of emergency related to the coronavirus. The state of emergency allows Whitmer to issue emergency orders to restrict business operations and require the wearing of masks in public places.”

Never forget it was in Michigan where armed terrorists stormed Michigan’s state house, threatening Whitmer because they believed being forced to quarantine and wear masks was a violation of their whiteness rights.


Barrett told the Free Press that contracting the virus hasn’t stopped him from being an asshole as he’s still critical of the way Whitmer has handled the response to COVID-19.

“How we govern our state is not something that should change based on someone’s unique circumstances, like mine,” Barrett said.


He said he is opposed to “perpetuating a state of emergency that concentrates all political power under one person,” that being the governor.

Barrett has worn a mask when in public places but added that his mask wearing hasn’t been without gaffes.


Barrett didn’t want to speculate as to how he contracted the virus and instead has been contacting people he’s been in contact with so that they can get tested.

“Our immediate focus is on notification to all senators and staff,” Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake told the Free Press.


“We will evaluate the need for changes to the legislative calendar in the coming days,” she said.

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