President Vladimir TrumPutin's Latest Tweet Storm Claims Russia Is Bae and the Real Enemy is the American Media

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It’s Thursday, so you know what that means? The old man in the White House is at it again. Fresh off a KFC bender, the president started in on his latest rash against American media, claiming that the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin was a success and that the real enemy is the American media.


For the record, Trump is the biggest threat to America and American politics. Thanks to Russian bots and 53 percent of white women who voted against their self-interest, Trump stole the White House and has literally been trying to run the country as if he was a dictator. He frequently goes against the advice of his own staff; lies continuously; has started beefs with two of the United States’ biggest allies, Canada and Europe, while making nice with two of America’s biggest enemies, Russia and North Korea; gets off on America’s military strength; and has made American media that doesn’t support his presidency an enemy of the state. This is a page out of the playbook of Putin, who has been critical of all journalists that accurately report his thuggery in office. Not to mention that several of said journalists have died in highly suspicious circumstances, which has become the norm under Putin’s presidency.

It’s been less than a full month since five people were killed at a Maryland newspaper and the president continues to put journalists lives at risk, since we all know that his followers are 50 cards short of a full deck.

What may be the most troubling part of the president’s tweet isn’t just his declaration that the press has it in for him, something he’s been spouting since his run for office, but the acknowledgment that he plans to continue to work with Russia even as fellow Republicans have said he is not our friend.


At this point, I think we can all agree that the pee pee tapes are very much real as that has to be the only reason that Trump is willing to sell out America to gain the admiration of a thug like Putin. That or something much worse....I’m willing to read all possible suggestions in the comments below.

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It’s getting to the point that Trump’s madness (both political & in general) is putting a strain on the english language. As a journalist who tries to keep things real, how do you address the shit Trump does on a daily basis while keeping the language fresh & interesting to readers? Trump is the gift that keeps giving yet it must be terrible for real journalists to translate his madness into polite or respectful language, without getting bored out of one’s mind.

I remember reading how some great German journalists became increasingly frustrated & disheartened as they tried to describe and warn ordinary Germans about Hitler’s madness. After a while they sorta gave up because they felt the language couldn’t keep up - as if the language itself became inadequate. Pretty soon Trump is gonna have that same effect, if we are not here already.