Trump Issues Revised Muslim Ban and Acts as if It Isn’t Another Muslim Ban

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Because President Vladimir TrumPutin won’t let it just die, he has signed a revised executive order that will ban immigration from certain Muslim-majority countries.


The new Muslim ban, which is totally a Muslim ban although the White House would prefer the term “travel ban” until it slips and calls it a Muslim ban like it did the first time, will block entry from six of the original seven countries included in the first Muslim ban, The Guardian reports.

This latest move by President Asshat comes just six weeks after the initial ban caused chaos at airports and was blocked by federal judges.

“As with the previous order, people from Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Libya will face a 90-day suspension of visa processing. But Iraq will be removed from the list of countries affected. The inclusion of Iraq in the original order had prompted concerns from the national security community because of the country’s role in fighting terrorism alongside US forces,” The Guardian reports.

Syrian refugees will no longer be subject to an indefinite ban and will reportedly be treated like any other refugees. The new ban will keep the 120-day suspension of the refugee program.

The new Muslim ban takes effect March 16, unlike the first Muslim ban, which was enacted immediately after Asshat signed it.

Green card holders will be exempt from any harassment at airports, unlike the clusterfuck that was the first order, which treated document and undocumented people the same.


“This is not a Muslim ban in any way, shape or form,” an official told reporters. “There are dozens and hundreds of millions, if not 1-point something billion Muslims who are not subject to this executive order. This is not in any way targeted as a Muslim ban. We firmly want to make sure that everyone understands that.”

But Grace Meng, an immigration researcher for Human Rights Watch’s U.S. program, believes that Trump’s revised order are “merely cosmetic.”


“President Trump still seems to believe you can determine who’s a terrorist by knowing which country a man, woman or child is from,” Meng said in a statement viewed by The Gaurdian. “Putting this executive order into effect will only create a false sense of security that genuine steps are being taken to protect Americans from attack, while undermining the standing of the US as a refuge for those at greater risk.”

Read more at The Guardian.

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