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Video images of a woman New York City police say is the suspect believed to be pickpocketing theatergoers waiting in line for the hit Broadway play Hamilton
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While standing in line in New York City to meet the cast of Hamilton, the hottest show on Broadway, you may want to watch your pockets because a woman has reportedly been targeting the hit show to nab the wallets of unsuspecting out-of-towners.

According to the New York Daily News, the thief started her spree around May 25 and has struck at least six times in the past six months, catching unsuspecting theatergoers outside the Richard Rodgers Theater.


Her last victim was hit Nov. 6. Once she nabs the wallets, she uses the credit cards to purchase items from Macy’s, Junior’s restaurant, Rite-Aid, Target, DSW, Burlington Coat Factory and Duane Reade, the Daily News reports.

On Sunday about 100 people milled outside the theater, waiting for autographs, but no security guards were visible nearby.

“Oh, that's scary, I thought it was safe here!” said one.

Fan Claudia Granda, 32, from Brazil, was in town to see the hit play and was shocked to learn that a bandit had been targeting theatergoers.


"There's so many people waiting around on the street after," Granda told the Daily News. "Maybe they should have police out here with people when they are leaving because this is such a popular show."

Video of the suspected thief shows a black woman with black hair and glasses. "She was last seen wearing a black jacket, a grey sweater, black pants and a gray scarf," the Daily News reports.


Read more at the New York Daily News.

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