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Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Fletcher Cox has gotten himself involved in all kinds of drama. Cox has been accused of running college-sophomore-level game on a married North Carolina woman, and her husband is suing the star defensive player, claiming that Cox’s macking has led to substantial emotional distress.

Yes, it’s legal to sue someone for messing up your marriage. In North Carolina it’s called “alienation of affection,” the Charlotte Observer reports.


The story goes like this: The husband, Joshua Jeffords, claims that his marriage was going great until the 26-year-old Cox met and began texting with his wife. In text messages obtained by Philadelphia magazine, Cox and Jeffords’ wife, Catherine Cuesta Jeffords, were sending X-rated messages, and the two even talked about having babies.

Jeffords’ wife referred to Cox as “boo,” and the two discussed how cute their babies would be. The 6-foot-4, 310-pound Cox also reportedly sent a photo of his penis to the married woman.

Jeffords reportedly asked his wife to end the affair and to stop following Cox on Instagram. Because his wife is a woman with her own agency, she blocked her husband on Instagram, packed her belongings and moved to the Philadelphia area.

Jeffords reportedly checked himself into a mental-health facility for “substantial emotional distress.” He’s seeking at least $50,000 in damages, the Observer reports.


Read more at the Charlotte Observer and Philadelphia magazine.

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