Pam Grier, the Queen of Classic Black Cinema, Walks Us Through Her Most Memorable Roles

March is Women’s History Month and Lord knows, Pam Grier has made history. She is known for dominating the black cinema scene in the ’70s with cult classics like Foxy Brown, Coffy and Sheba Baby. And she continued to make her mark throughout the years with Jackie Brown, The L Word and now, with her latest film, Poms.

Currently, she is the ambassador of, where many of her blaxploitation films and other old school classics can be seen.


The iconic actor stopped by The Root to walk us through some of her most memorable roles over the years. See the full interview above.

Video Producer @ The Root


Been a huge Pam Grier fan since Coffy. 

Also, lots of people passing away lately. Would have been good to let us know Ms. Grier was OK. After seeing the headline, for a second I thought she had left us.