Ohio Father Mistakenly Shoots, Kills 14-Year-Old Son He Thought Was Intruder

Georta Mack
NBC News Screenshot
Georta Mack
NBC News Screenshot

A Cincinnati father is mourning after he mistakenly shot and killed his 14-year-old son because he believed that he was an intruder.


According to the WCPO, Georta Mack's father dropped him off at school early Tuesday morning, but the teen apparently sneaked back into the basement of his home, planning to skip school. Cincinnati Police Sgt. Joe Briede told the news station that Georta was most likely going to hide in the basement and wait for his dad to leave for work.

"I just shot my son by accident," Georta's father told a 911 operator around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, WCPO reported. "He scared me. I thought he was in school. I heard noise and then I went downstairs looking. He jumped out at me. I shot him."

Briede told the news station that Georta's father heard a noise in the basement, so he got his gun and went to investigate. When he opened the basement door, his son jumped out at him and the handgun discharged, according to police. 

"Oh God," the father can be heard saying over the 911 call obtained by the news station. Georta was hit in the neck and struggled to breathe. The emergency operator can be heard telling the boy's father to apply pressure to the wound. "Why didn't you go to school?" the father can be heard saying.

Emergency crew arrived and took the teen to a local hospital, where he later died.

"The Cincinnati Police Department and the Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office are investigating" the shooting, WCPO reports.

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