NY Mayor Bill de Blasio Reportedly Used NYPD Security Detail to Move Daughter Out of Apartment

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (R), Chirlane McCray (2L), Chiara de Blasio (2R) and Dante de Blasio (L) visit the house his grandmother was born in during a visit to Mayor de Blasio’s grandmother’s town on July 24, 2014, in Grassano, Italy.
Photo: Giovanni Marino (Getty Images)

New York Mayor and Democratic presidential long shot Bill de Blasio reportedly used members of his NYPD security detail to move his daughter out of her Sunset Park Brooklyn apartment.

According to a source that spoke with the New York Daily News, de Blasio’s daughter Chiara was moved from her apartment on 4th Ave. and 56th St. a year ago in the dead of night by Blasio’s Executive Protection Unit.


The source noted that two unmarked Sprinter vans that are frequently parked at City Hall were used to load de Blasio’s daughter’s personal belongings and that de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, oversaw the move to Gracie Mansion where the de Blasios stay.

“They used detectives and department vehicles on city time to move his daughter ... Please,” another source told the Daily News.


From the Daily News:

One man who lives on the first daughter’s former block and preferred to be identified only by his first name, Gabriel, recalled some of Chiara’s belongings were left on the curb after the move. He was stunned to hear cops charged with protecting de Blasio had hauled her stuff.

“That’s terrible. Why couldn’t he get a U-Haul and do it himself? You gonna use our cops?” Gabriel, 51, said.

Sources close to the EPU said they did not know why de Blasio used his security detail for the move.

“You can’t question him,” one source close to the unit said.

“It’s just part of the job. You just do it out of respect.”

A retired NYPD chief told the Daily News that protection unit duties often get blurred but asking the officers to work as movers was “strange.”


“If they were just moving her, that’s a little much,” the retired chief told the Daily News.

The Daily News notes that this was just the latest embarrassing move coming out of the New York City mayor’s office when just last week a bulletproof vest came up missing after an officer loaned it to Omar from The Wire actor Michael K. Williams during an onstage appearance with de Blasio. No one ever filed a missing vest report because…awkward.


No word on whether de Blasio’s moving company is available to the public or how much they charge taxpayers for their services.

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