NFL Players Take Team Owner's Private Jet to Deliver Supplies to Haiti

Pierre Garcon (left) and Ricky Jean Francois (right) 
Pierre Garcon (left) and Ricky Jean Francois (right)

Washington, D.C., football-team owner Daniel Snyder won't lose the team's racist name, but he may not be all bad, since he reportedly encouraged wide receiver Pierre Garcon and teammate Ricky Jean Francois to raid the team's medical supplies and take his personal jet to bring aid to hurricane victims in Haiti.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Snyder sent food and water to the Bahamas Saturday, and earlier this week, Garcon and Francois took all the ace bandages, wraps and wound cleaners to their ancestral homeland Haiti, which was devastated by Hurricane Matthew.

"They was giving us more than I even expected to receive," Garcon said. "But they were more than willing to just give us everything."


They also took food and souvenirs for the doctors, TMZ Sports reports.

"I understand it's easy to pick up the phone and put your debit card down or your credit card down and donate $100 or $200, but what’s really real to us, our people of Haiti, is to see your face here and seeing you put the time in, put the work in, put the sweat in to rebuild our country," Jean Francois told the Washington Post.

"And it’s a beautiful country. I understand in the media’s eyes, they’re going to show the disaster and all. Before the disaster struck, you’ve seen happy people. You’ve seen people with pride. You’ve seen people that had so much going for themselves, and they still have that right now," Jean Francois continued. "The money and stuff, that’s OK. But you coming here, you giving supplies and bringing it here yourself, showing your face and knowing that you want to be a part of this to help other human beings—because if you was in the same position, you would like the same too—it’s a blessing. The last 24 hours has been a blessing."

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