NFL Player Bullies Biracial Teammate

Richie Incognito 
NFL via Getty Images
Richie Incognito 
NFL via Getty Images

Last week, NFL rookie Johnathan Martin left the Miami Dolphins amid allegations that he was being bullied by teammates. Shortly after, NFL talking heads hit the televisions screens to initiate the uninformed into the culture of football locker-room antics.

On the NFL Network, former Dallas Cowboys star wideout Michael Irvin talked about his heydays in Dallas and how locker room culture isn't bad; it's just about team-building.

Earlier today, the Miami Dolphins decided that team-building should never threaten violence or cross racial lines and suspended guard Richie Incognito indefinitely, according to Yahoo Sports.


Martin, who left the team after he felt the rookie-hazing had gone too far, shared with his parents this past Saturday voicemail messages that had been left by Incognito. On Sunday, Martin and his parents turned the messages over to the Dolphins, who took swift action issuing the suspension Monday morning, Yahoo Sports reports. Those messages made their way into the hands of ESPN's Adam Schefter, who promptly tweeted them out.

One would think Incognito would lay low at this point; instead he took to Tweeter to threaten Schefter:

Former NFL head coach Tony Dungy said the Indianapolis Colts had Incognito on their "DNDC" draft list ("Do not draft due to character," Dungy explained) in 2005 when Incognito was coming out because of character concerns, he said on the Dan Patrick Show on Monday, Yahoo Sports reports. The Dolphins are conducting a thorough investigation of the matter, and so far, Incognito has been the only player suspended. 

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