#NetflixAndSitStill: Need Something to Binge While You're Social Distancing? The AAFCA Is Holding It Down

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We’re pushing aside “Netflix and Chill” for a moment and are highlighting “Netflix and Sit Still,” instead.


In reaction to the global crisis COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus strain, many people throughout the country have resorted to remaining inside their homes and implementing “social distancing.” Whether it is out of an abundance of caution or a local government mandate, we’re staying our black asses at home.

As many of us will be facing our own four walls for an extended time, we have to fill up said time with some kind of entertainment, right? Well, the African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) has our back.

AAFCA Member Kathia Woods curated a pretty solid list of black-ass content to watch during the times of social distancing and working from home. Perhaps you finally have time to watch that show everyone is talking about? Or maybe you want to dive into Netflix’s array of documentaries?

The great thing about the list is not only that it’s a good mix, it’s that it’s sectioned-off by streaming platforms / channels and there’s even some kid-friendly content, too! The latter is essential as schools have been shut down across the nation, as well.

“These titles are a combination of series, documentaries and feature films, classic and contemporary, that cover the landscape of entertainment content. Our goal is to hopefully help lower the stress threshold and we are committed to recommending titles every week for as long as the crisis persists,” AAFCA CEO Gil Robertson said in a statement obtained by The Root.


Oh, and though I realize a lot of people listen to podcasts during their commute to work, listening to them while you’re doing your chores at home is also a good idea. Since it’s Women’s History Month, AAFCA has an option for that, too.

The AAFCA Podcast will be featuring special edition episodes for the month, including Harriet producer Debra Martin Chase, Toni Morrison: Pieces I Am composer Kathryn Bostic, Black Panther production designer/Oscar winner Hannah Beachler, Captain Marvel / Black Panther hair department head Camille Friend and When They See Us / Love and Basketball editor Terilyn A. Shropshire.


“During this critical time, AAFCA happily invites everyone to join us in celebrating Women’s History Month by listening to the AAFCA Podcast as we spotlight the phenomenal women creatives who are making Hollywood a much better place,” Robertson said. “It is our hope that their stories will encourage and inspire the many other women creatives out there to tap into their power and continue pursuing their dreams, as well as give all others an appreciation for their contributions.”

Happy binging, y’all!

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