Nancy Pelosi to Dems: I Don’t Want to See Him Impeached, I Want to See Him in Jail! Suurrrreeeeee She Does

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Democrats during a meeting Tuesday night that President Donald Trump’s impeachment isn’t as high on her list as seeing President Donald Trump in prison.


According to Politico, Pelosi reportedly made the remark after House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler asked when, if ever, they could begin an impeachment inquiry.

“I don’t want to see him impeached,” Pelosi said, according to the report. “I want to see him in prison.”

Ashley Etienne, a spokeswoman for Pelosi, told CNN that she could not confirm the comment.

While the possible Pelosi soundbite sounds nice, the mother of the House hasn’t been too keen on pushing for Trump’s impeachment. In fact, Rolling Stone listed all the excuses Pelosi has used as to why she hasn’t pushed for at least an impeachment inquiry.

Pelosi has used every excuse, including: “It will divide the country” to “It would be playing into Trump’s hands.”

The one that makes the least amount of sense is this belief that starting an impeachment inquiry somehow prevents him from being tried criminally once he leaves office; a theory that Harvard constitutional law professor explained to the House speaker on Twitter.


Pelosi has been adamant that she believes the president participated in at least a “cover-up” during special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.


Yet, “she has repeatedly rebuffed Democrats’ desires to begin an impeachment inquiry, saying the issue is ‘divisive’ and instead calling for Democrats to continue investigating Trump,” CNN reports.

On Wednesday, Pelosi told reporters that she’s “not feeling any pressure” on the matter, even though more Democrats in Congress continue to call for the president’s impeachment.


CNN notes that several House committees have launched investigations into all things Trump, but have been thwarted at every turn as the administration has refused to hand over anything because they’ve been instructed by their leader not to.

Pelosi’s message of throwing Trump in prison sounds good until you realize that she’s not really with the shits. She’s like the boy who doesn’t want to rumble in the boy’s bathroom because he claims that he’s on parole for murder and doesn’t want to get into more trouble when really he’s scared to fight.

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You guys do know how impeachment works, right? It would take 2/3 of the Republican controlled Senate to vote in favor of impeaching Trump for it to work. So unless I’m missing something, what exactly can Pelosi do that she’s not doing? She doesn’t want to do something that’s doomed to failure which, normally, most people would agree is common sense. So again, what am I missing here?