Minnesota House Candidate Kyle Greene Wants to Be Your N-Word

Kyle Greene
Kyle Greene
Screenshot: YouTube

A black man with a heavy speech impediment who considers himself a politician made a campaign video in which he called himself a “nigger”—hard “r.”


I wish I was joking.

Kyle Greene is running for a state House seat in Minnesota and what he made was a pretty tame campaign video right up until the end when he proudly claims, “I want to be your state representative, I want to be your public servant and I want to be your nigger,” Greene said in the video which is making the rounds on social media, the Hill reports.

Greene, an independent who is looking for support in Minnesota’s District 18A, told The Minneapolis Star Tribune that he used the racial epithet because how else was he going to get national attention running for a House seat in Minnesota because ... well, he didn’t really give a good answer.

“We need to unify as a society, and we need to stop dealing with trivial matters,” Greene told the Tribune. Nothing says unity more than calling yourself arguably the most divisive word in American history.

Greene added that nigger “is part of the American history, regardless of the race,” adding, “It’s part of my history being African-American, white and Cherokee Indian.”

Umm ... It’s a part of your history because you are African American, not because of your white and Cherokee lineage. But Greene knows this and used the language to draw attention to his raggedy-ass campaign that’s almost as tragic as his edge-up (which, I may add, was obviously not cut by one of Greene’s niggas).


Not only that, what black man, or black man with white and Cherokee lineage, states that he “wants to be your nigger”? What part of the n-word game it that? It’s always the ones who parse their lineage down to the millimeter, trying to align themselves with anything other than blackness, who are always the biggest embarrassment to their race ...


The white race.

Yes, his white side did that. That’s the “Kyle” side, not the “Greene” side. Aside from Klan rallies, Alabama jury deliberations and tapings of the Bill Maher show, no one says “nigger” with such precise elocution. That’s not even a 2018-style n-word. Green used the original plantation pronunciation from his Caucasian ancestors. Maybe he released the ad yesterday, on “Throwback Nigger Thursday.”


I bet his black side wants to kick his ass right now and ask: “Why didn’t you say you wanted to be their cracker? Huh, Kyle?” And how exactly does one become someone’s nigger? I am quite familiar with the application process for the position of “my nigga,” but what is the formal “nigger” onboarding process?

There’s obviously a popular vote, but does it require a confirmation hearing by the n-word Supreme Court? I know Clarence Thomas is the Chief Justice, but who else is on there besides Omarosa, Candice Owens, Ben Carson and Kanye West?


We currently have a white nationalist in the White House and now a black “politician” is stating that he wants to be your nigger. Sweet Jesus on the F-train. Not today, Satan. Not on the sacred day of Aretha’s homegoing. I will not.

Check “your nigger” Kyle out below.

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