Michael Jordan Donates $2 Million of The Last Dance Proceeds to 'Help Feed America’s Hungry'

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This holiday season is unlike any that we’ve ever faced.

With the coronavirus still wreaking havoc in our communities, not only are citizens throughout the country enduring financial strife, but for the first time, in order to preserve our health and safety from COVID-19, many of us will be unable to spend the holidays with our loved ones.


It’s a trying time for all of us, but thankfully people like Michael Jordan—and Marshawn Lynch—are doing their part to spread goodwill despite the circumstances.

In April, ESPN’s miniseries The Last Dance drew critical acclaim and destroyed viewership records as it provided new insight and context into Air Jordan’s final championship season with the Chicago Bulls. It also generated a nice chunk of change for the six-time NBA champion, who reportedly earned as much as $4 million for his participation. But according to Feeding America, a nationwide network of over 200 food banks, at least some of those proceeds will be used to contribute towards the fight to end hunger during the holidays.

“An incredible gift to be thankful for,” Feeding America tweeted on Wednesday. “NBA legend Michael Jordan is donating $2 million to help our neighbors facing hunger! #TheLastDance”

“In these challenging times and in a year of unimaginable difficulty due to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to pause and give thanks,” Jordan said in a statement. “I am proud to be donating additional proceeds from The Last Dance to Feeding America and its member food banks in the Carolinas and Chicago to help feed America’s hungry.”

For decades, Jordan caught hell for not being socially engaged or doing enough to give back to the same people that helped turn him into a cultural phenomenon. But in recent years, he’s been much more active in using his platform and power to elevate others. In June, he announced that he and his Jordan Brand will donate $100 million over the next ten years to “ensure racial equality, social justice and greater access to education.”

These are the type of stories that we love to hear, so shoutout to Jordan and other public figures who are using their platforms to help others during this difficult season.

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Is this where we fawn over super rich people donating .01% of their surplus wealth and shame people who point it out by telling them, “It’s a lot more than you’ll ever give”?