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A 21-year-old Essex, Md., man who was hospitalized after a fight with Baltimore County Police has died.

According to KTTS, police responded to 911 calls that included a man and a woman screaming around 3 a.m. Sunday. The woman told officers who arrived at the residence that her boyfriend, Tawon Boyd, was acting “crazy” and noted that she believed he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs, the news station reports.

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Police claim that “Boyd appeared confused and paranoid, was sweating heavily,” KTTS reports.

When officers attempted to talk with Boyd, he reportedly ran to the officers’ cars and attempted to get inside. Officers claim that Boyd then ran to neighbors’ homes and began banging on their doors.

Police claim that they attempted to calm Boyd, but he refused to obey orders. After a physical confrontation with police, Boyd was hospitalized for injuries sustained during the altercation. He died Wednesday.


An attorney for Boyd’s family told the Baltimore Sun that Boyd’s kidneys and heart failed.

The news station notes that three police officers sustained non-life-threatening injuries, and an administrative investigation is underway.


Read more at KTTS and the Baltimore Sun.

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