She began her next song, “To Be Loved” by saying “Grinch, I’m ‘bout to have a panic attack!” Music lovers of all ages, genders and races were dancing, smiling, singing and jumping up and down in their blinking rainbow ornament necklaces, light-up Santa hats, and glowing, blue reindeer antlers.


The set continued with “Truth Hurts” including another flute solo with the highest notes heard to man and an iconic Lizzo twerk session. “Good as Hell” was next up and the crowd joined Lizzo and the Big Grrrls in a stomp-clap combo as Lizzo encouraged the crowd saying, “I want you to stomp out all the negativity of 2022 because we don’t need it next year!” She wrapped up her set with the song, “Juice.

Overall, Lizzo’s performance was the embodiment of fun. It was refreshing to see the freeness of these women on stage, smiling, hyping up the crowd, and twerking with bodies of all sizes. Not a single person in that arena stayed in their seats. It was a party of love, acceptance, and expression.