LeSean McCoy's Ex-Girlfriend Now Uncertain That Running Back Had Anything to Do With Robbery

NFL player LeSean McCoy and designer Delicia Cordon attend the 13th Annual ESPN The Party on February 3, 2017 in Houston, Texas.
NFL player LeSean McCoy and designer Delicia Cordon attend the 13th Annual ESPN The Party on February 3, 2017 in Houston, Texas.
Photo: Gustavo Caballero (Getty Images)

Just a week ago, news broke that Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy’s ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon had been savagely beaten in a robbery that she, her close friend (who shared images of Cordon’s bloody and bruised face to Instagram) and her attorney claimed was orchestrated by McCoy.


Now, Cordon’s attorney, Tanya Mitchell Graham, is claiming that Cordon isn’t sure whether McCoy had anything to do with the home invasion.

Cordon and McCoy have been engaged in a court battle over the residence that McCoy claims he allowed his then-girlfriend to inhabit while they were in a relationship. When the relationship ended, McCoy reportedly wanted the residence along with jewelry that was loaned to Cordon for public appearances to be returned. Cordon claims that the home and the jewelry were gifts and, therefore, didn’t need to return anything.

After the home invasion, Cordon told 911 that McCoy “set me up,” but now, Graham told CBS News on Friday, Cordon is less certain that McCoy was involved in the home invasion and is planning to move out of the residence.

According to Bleacher Report, on three separate occasions, police were called to the home owned by McCoy in an attempt to retrieve “high-end jewelry items” on loan to Cordon from jewelers. McCoy reportedly told officers he feared Cordon might “make false accusations about him.”

During the 911 call, Cordon claimed that the intruder was demanding jewelry and reportedly took her diamond bracelet.

McCoy immediately took to Twitter to claim his innocence after images of a bloody and badly beaten Cordon were released on Instagram with claims that the running back not only was influential in the attack but that he was using steroids and that the friend and Cordon had witnessed him abuse his child and his dog.


“For the record, the totally baseless and offensive claims made against me are completely false,” McCoy wrote on Twitter. “Furthermore, I have not had any direct contact with any of the people involved in months,” Bleacher Report notes.

There have been no arrests in the case.

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My original theory as to why the robbers knew what to ask for (IF McCoy was indeed not involved), was that in a court proceeding, with public records, McCoy detailed some expensive items that were in the house he wanted back...a shopping list for a robber.