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At this point, LeBron James is an institution. He’s now become a historical reference for how to use sports as a platform to push social justice and how to make sure your friends prosper from your success. He’s reached Miles Davis levels of “fuck y’all,” which means you can literally turn your back on the audience while playing your trumpet and you can come to work wearing flip-flops and swimming trunks even when it isn’t casual Friday.


In short, LeBron James has reached a level of “I dare y’all to say something to me” and no one does because it’s LeBron James.

On Thursday, King James came to work wearing a “Kaepernick” T-shirt, showing his full support of the former NFL quarterback currently being whiteballed by the NFL for taking a knee to protest the unjust killings of unarmed black men, women, and children by police.


James has been vocal in both politics and social movements and has supported Kaepernick “both as an NFL quarterback and as the face of the 30th anniversary of Nike’s “Just Do It.” campaign,” Sports Illustrated reports.

When Nike announced in September that Kaepernick and his glorious afro would be used in the company’s advertising, King James was all for “anybody who believes in change” and added: “I stand with Nike all day, every day,” SI reports.

James is playing his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers and his 16th season in the NBA. While the argument over whether James or Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player, it’s clear that James is the better man off the court.

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