Kingmaker Stacey Abrams Has Unfinished Business, Will Run for Georgia Governor, Allies Say

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We argue about everything at The Root.

It’s one of the perks of working here. We engage in intelligent conversation about everything. So shortly after Joe Biden won the presidential election, I asked my colleagues which cabinet position they thought Abrams would be given.


I was promptly told to STFU.

“Nigga, are you crazy?!” one co-worker asked me, and not in a hypothetical way.

“She don’t want no parts of that administration…,” Another said.

Maybe I’m paraphrasing a bit but, the point was why would a kingmaker go to work for someone she just helped crown? It made sense, but Abrams’ rise and influence on the Democratic Party and the ability to help sway a presidential election had to be rewarded in some capacity, didn’t it?

It was Managing Editor Genetta Adams who suggested Abrams would most likely run for Georgia governor, again, after having had the first election stolen from her. And it looks like she was right.

“Stacey Abrams intends to run for governor again,” Wendy Davis, a Democratic National Committee member who is on the executive committee of the Georgia Democratic Party told the Daily Beast. “I think that is a secret to no one.”

“Everyone in Democratic circles has the expectation that she will be the Democratic nominee in two years for governor,” she said.

A spokesperson for Abrams told the Daily Beast earlier this month that, “Leader Abrams has made no decisions about her political future and is solely focused on electing Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock on January 5.”


Leader Abrams?!

May I be Leader Crockett?

Seriously, Abrams “considering a run for Georgia governor” is the Democratic frontrunner over Abrarms “strongly looking into a run for governor” and “stop asking me if I’m running for governor.”


“In my opinion, she would like to be governor of Georgia,” close Abrams ally DuBose Porter, the former Georgia Democratic Party chairman, speaking in a personal capacity, told the Daily Beast. “Stacey Abrams is about getting the work done.”

The infrastructure that Abrams has created in Georgia over the last 10 years has made Abrams a power political figure. Voter suppression at the hands of Brian Kemp during Abrams’ first run for governor in 2018 caused her to create the Fair Fight, a national voting rights organization.


I guess it would be nice to have the title of governor and the paycheck, but who are we kidding? Abrams is the goddamn queen of Georgia and this presidential election proved it.



Good, she’s earned the right to pick that right a second time. And with Kemp likely looking at a primary challenge from someone like Collins it’s going to make it that much easier.

And when you look at the results, Warnock outdrew Ossoff. Voters liked him, a lot.

He and Abrams atop the ticket is going to make a powerhouse campaign. Add Lucy McBath to that mix and you’re going to have a turnout machine.

From there? Governor Abrams would be a force in Southern Democratic politics. Woe unto any opponent in a national primary.